BURLAP is an independent watch studio based in Hong Kong.

Before BURLAP, we have been designing original concepts and manufacturing for reputable and prestige international brands, with specialty in recreating classic designs with new stunning, exciting elements.

Today, we believe that it is time to move on and put our experience, knowledge into our first watches BURLAP Watches.


On a journey to appreciate and protect our culture and traditions; and to pay homage to our city’s glorious manufacturing roots.


Since the earliest days of Hong Kong, various manufacturing industries have already emerged in the city. The earliest was shipbuilding, then watchmaking also sprouted in the early 1900s. Although the wars almost halted all the manufacturing sectors, post-war efforts from all parties contributed in rebooting the production of some major watch components – straps and cases – began in the city soon after, making Hong Kong even more prosperous.
The 1970-80s marked the Golden Age in Hong Kong’s watch manufacturing industry, during which the trendy electronic watches and cheap yet accurate quartz movement imports became the cornerstone to the famous quartz watches assembly lines in the city.

By the 90s, Hong Kong-made watches made up approximately 70% in the city’s exports, founding its glorious stature in becoming one of the four pillars in the export sector. However, the city’s gradual shift to financial sectors and the liberalisation of Chinese markets, relocated many factories to mainland China, causing this industry to slowly fade out.



Burlap is started as a natural, tough yet flexible fabric, known for its multipurpose nature. They are often used in carry bags,

which can be seen on the streets of Hong Kong, providing means to meeting people’s needs no matter where they are.

Representing the resilient and adaptive mentality of our fellow Hongkongers.


Perseverance and Solidarity

A strong and resilient attitude that grew as an iconic virtue of our city.

Inspired by the cloth’s adaptable toughness; Aspired to the Hong Kong Spirit.
We are thus named as BURLAP.

With a humble heart, we put together a team of industry veterans to create a timepiece that symbolises our city’s virtue.

We are here to tell the world what Hong Kong stands for.


We believe our core value as heritage, as a Hong Kong based start-up to tell the world what Hong Kong stands for.

Our experience in watchmaking saw market mark-ups played a crucial role to a quality timepiece ownership.

Without compromising the timeless and luxurious quality, we are excited to recreate a watch collection with only a small fraction of the prices set by high-end brands.

We are able to cut out the middle parties which would really mark up the prices.

Sourcing our watch components from our most trusted vendors, assembling the timepieces with our in-house facilities and shipping straight to our customers from our local warehouse.

“Built in Hong Kong”

Case backs on our watches are all inscribed with “Built in Hong Kong”, reflecting what Hong Kong stands for.

We emphasize as the creation of our brand, its design concept, development, material, and quality assurance which all reflect the Hong Kong Spirit of perseverance and our attitude to excellence.

The material sourced and used is high quality and the details are particular.


Building on the traditional pilot watch aesthetics, we continue designing our watches around this heritage of our city.

Our watches share a special design, not just a top loaded feature, but structurally designed to have a cup shaped viewing from the side.

This way our watches can be perfectly seated on the wrists of our wearers. Allowing the wearers to fully enjoy the complete looks our watches give.

We wanted to be different yet retaining a piece of the horology heritage, and we also aspire to be Burlap, so we went for an unconventional lug design as an tribute to our Hong Kong watchmaking industry.

With a specially carved angle on the lug interiors, it creating a seamless watch and leather strap connection; just as we want to inspire the connection between our people in Hong Kong and our beautiful city herself.


Our watches are loaded from top down, showcasing our craftsmanship and our masterful assembly work.

– All Burlap watches are assembled by hand. –

Ever wondered why?

Using our own hands, we can make sure each component is carefully put together, ensuring everything is perfect and the time adjusted to your time zone.

Because here at Burlap, we treat each and every one of you as our family. To our family, we give nothing but the best.

Why don’t you manufacture the watches in Hong Kong?

In all honesty, as you may know, from sourcing top grade steel to production of the watches, the manufacturing process in Hong Kong requires a large capital. That, we are a start-up brand and we have not yet the resources to do so but only hand assembling our watches in the city.

But, of course, having our watches manufactured in Hong Kong is definitely on our bucket list, and we are working towards this milestone one step at a time.

For you, there is no such thing as “can’t do”